Article 4

The Association is a non-partisan, non-profit organization which carries out promotional and social activities, by pursuing the following goals:

1) defending traditional gaming, leisure and public spaces;

2) identifying traditional games still in use among adults, with the aim of cultivating ludodiversity and supporting their role for cultural heritage purposes;

3) teaching games, in particular to younger generations, in order to gain consciousness of their cultural value;

4) promoting, through play, an higher life standard, respectful of nature, the environment and health;

5) supporting, through traditional recreational activities, respect for cultural diversity in the world, in order share them without discrimination of any kind;

6) promoting and organizing exhibitions, events and cultural activities, games and sports;

7) organizing conferences, meetings, exhibitions, courses, vocational training, cultural activities in schools, extra-curricular educational activities, and multimedia production;

8) editing and publishing magazines and other periodicals.

Protecting and promoting traditional games allows to preserve the architectural and intangible cultural heritage, as advocated in the UNESCO’s "Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage".

The Association operates in Veneto and occasionally outside of this region.

The Association is governed by this Statute and acts in accordance to the general principles of the Civil Code and State and Regional Law, in particular to Law no.383/2000.