YOU'VE GOT IT - Healthy lifestyle with traditional games

YOU'VE GOT IT - Healthy lifestyle with traditional games

1st January – 30th June
Project Summary

"You've got it!" aims to promote active and meaningful ageing trough the practice of European traditional sports and games (TSG).

L'Uniao das Freguesias Gondomar - S. Cosme, Valborn e Jovim and the 3 associations working with TSG in Hungary, Italy and Portugal will train and mentor volunteers and professionals, working with older people or with sports to support them on to facilitation of local workshops using this methodology to promote active and meaningful ageing.
The participants will also be involved in a final seminar they will co-organise and their practices will be validated as open educational resources to promote the multiplication of the impact of the project.

Play and practice to have memories and experiences recognised. They know better. A project to promote TSG, heathier lifestyles and active ageing, discuss culture and connect European identities, build community and preserve the intangible human heritage, valueing the older generations.


Activities and meeting places of the project

Activity 1.  Kick-off meeting 
Marzo 2017

The kick-off meeting will gather the representatives of all the partners in the consortium, the coordinator of the project and the communication officer during 4 days, including arrivals and departures.

• review of the application 

• distribution of the tasks and responsibilities 

• signature of a collaboration contract that states exactly what are the responsibilities and commitments of each of the partners as well as their budget allocation, deadlines and financial contribution 

• draft of the manual to be developed during the project: the contents, the structure,  the template of the open educational resources, etc.

• draft of the instruments to evaluate the needs assessment of the professionals and volunteers working with older people 

• explanation of the communication plan to be held during the remaining 17 months

• explanation of AGA, the work they develop, projects they are and have been involved, the limitations they face and the good practices that should inspire the work and this project
Activity 2. Preparation Meeting
Giugno 2017

• visit the organisation where the professionals and volunteers work 
• understanding of the social and cultural reality of Gondomar and the network of organisations working with older people in the city 
• talking with the volunteers and professionals willing to participate in the project and assess their needs and worries concerning the active ageing of the older people they work with 
• draft of the program 

Activity 3. Training Meeting
October 2017

Training of 30 volunteers and professionals that work with older people in the local organisations on the topic of active ageing trough the use of TSG.


Development of the educational modules (to be defined according to the needs assessment to be held during the preparatory meeting):

-       Organisation presentation: The volunteers and professionals will have time to present their organisations and the activities they develop both with sports or with older people. The participants will share good practices and get to know more about the reality of the NGOs working in Gondomar;

-       The biological, psychological and social dimensions of working with the elderly people;

-       Intergenerational dialogue, role of older people in society and active ageing;

-       Active Ageing in the Context of Gondomar as the European City of Sport 2017;

-       European traditional games and sports:

o   As a tool to promote active and meaningful ageing being the first step towards healthier lifestyles with regular practice of sport and physical activity.

o   As a learning tool to promote European Citizenship;

o   As a tool to recognize and value traditions and the living experience of older people.

-       Practical workshops to experiment the OERs compiled in the manual and to validate its use;

-       Definition of working pairs for the local workshops.