Editorial Projects

Editorial Projects

  • In recent years, the Association has published books on various game traditions, both Italian and international.
  • This project aims at promoting:
  • cultural preservation;
  • transgenerational nature of game;

The purpose of these publications is to share the cultural dimension of game.


  • Siamo qui per il bello del gioco, Vittorio Canisi, published by AGA Verona, 2008
  • Un paese che gioca, Vittorio Canisi, Scripta Publishing, Verona, 2011

School Publications

  • Learning to play! Banca Popolare di Verona Diary  2008/2009 , Banco Popolare Editions, AGA, Pantigliate (MI) 2008
  • Giro d’Italia in 150 games, Dino Rascali, Edizioni Qui Edit, Verona, 2011