Lippa Game Communities

S-cianco, Verona

Lippa Game Communities

Lippa is one of the most popular games in Italy. It is played with two sticks: a large one which is used to hit a smaller oval-shaped piece of wood.

Over the years, the Association has been  working with numerous Lippa game communities, Italian and international, still playing the game to this day.

Lippa communities are set in Farigliano (CN), Milan, Lucca, Mede (PV), Feltre ( BL), Portogruaro (VE), Roncade (TV), Cesa Atella (EC), etc. The Association has also been working with Lippa game communities in Slovenia (Piran), Croatia (Pula), Spain (Catalonia and Galicia.)

he Veronese Community of S-Cianco is made ​​up of men and women who preserve this activity by practising and teaching it. Founded in 2002, the community works together with Associazione Giochi Antichi. Through presentations at schools, oratories and associations, it has managed to involve many people and turn a simple game into an event for the city and the Region. Thanks to support from the local government, it has grown to become the biggest game community in Italy, and one of the most important in Europe.

The events organized throughout the Province are:

S-Cianco Tournament  “Città di Verona”

Veronese S-Cianco Championship

International Lippa Tournament 

From October 6, 2002 , date of the first S-Cianco tournament, to this day, more than 125 squares have hosted the game. Hundreds of players have played  more than 1,500 matches and the streets have been closed to traffic.

The  Verona S-Cianco Representatives

The Veronese Community of S-Cianco has chosen some of the best players in Verona to represent the city  at a national level for the past few years that is increasingly structured and in compliance with the rules various places allows a continuous and mutual knowledge of the culture play traditional.