Casa Colombare

Casa Colombare

On 26 May 2007 , World Day of Game, Associazione Giochi Antichi inaugurated its new headquarters, the first Documentation Center on Traditional Game in Italy,  with bibliographic archive, photographs and media part of Verona’s Library System.

Casa Colombare is located in a small building at the entrance of the park Colombare , in the Castle of San Felice , where the park keeper used to live.

The building, which had been abandoned for a long time, has been restored according to the principles of ecological design, with expenses covered by the Association and by a grant from Foundation Cariverona .

The building is equipped with energy saving systems, thanks to the contribution of Renewable Energy AGSM .

Casa Colombare is a project in collaboration with the City of Verona and the patronage of Popular Culture , Identità Veneta of the Province of Verona.

The inauguration of Casa Colombare is another step in the long-term relationship between Associazione Giochi Antichi and local institutions , as already seen during the last editions of Tocatì, International Festival of Street Games .

Casa Colombare is part of the Association’s  urban redevelopment project.

The Association’s commitment to use bio-compatible materials and energy containment systems, and our intent to maintain the building’s original shape,  have created a renovated space for meetings, study and documentation.