Website design and development

Design: Sintetik snc 
Founded in Verona in 1999 as a web agency, Sintetik snc has expanded its skills and services over time. With its cutting-edge technologies, and customer-oriented policy, it has become a point of reference in multimedia and web development.

Development: Smilenet srl
Smilenet is a company specialized in web services, software and professional applications. Certified by Microsoft, it has been active since 1998 and has specialized in services for the auto industry. With over 350 customers, it has a dedicated call center for updates on websites and Internet applications.

Photos: Archivio AGA
Thanks to Vittorio Canisi, Barbara Rigon, Giampiero Marchiori, Massimo Samaritani, Andrea Lonardi, Martina Padovan, Federico Marconi, Tina Weinreben, Mara Balabio, Stefano Rossin, Lorenzo Linthout, Enrico Compri, Anaïs Pauiline Abate.